What People are Saying about BodyWise

“Personally, I would rate BodyWise as one of the finest physical therapy facilities in the Baltimore area. Their facility and the latest therapy equipment are hygienically very clean, and you will find their staff members to be very friendly who greet you with a smile each time you have an appointment. Whatever type of therapy you receive, if it physical therapy or Bowen you will be more than happy with their service. You will be more than satisfied with the personal physical therapy service you will receive at BodyWise.”

Colin C.

“One day I woke up and had so much back pain I could barely move. I called BodyWise because they are located close by and they fit me in to their schedule immediately. I’ve been to several PT facilities before and always felt like just another referral. At BodyWise they really seem to care about my wellness and my comfort and they take care to evaluate my needs holistically. The facility itself is state of the art and all of the practitioners are friendly and experienced.”

Courtney W.

“I have been fortunate to receive acupuncture from some wonderful practitioners and am so very thrilled to have Arianna Berkowitz right here in Columbia. She is a natural healer and epitomizes the combination of empathy and solid, grounded medical/anatomical knowledge that makes for a truly impactful treatment. I recommend her acupuncture therapies without reservation. Thank you so much for being here and being the best!”

Pamela S.

“From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I would be in good hands. The receptionists were so friendly and everything from the acupuncture/massage rooms to the equipment was state of the art and brand new – I like that. I’ve returned a few times since then for some stress relieving acupuncture. I highly recommend Body Wise PT”

Marcus D.

“I had a WONDERFUL experience at BodyWise for my physical therapy! I felt welcomed and at ease with all of the staff, from the receptionist to the physical therapist. The PT guided me through exercises and stretches to help with my pain, as well as answered my questions and advised me about living a healthier lifestyle. I truly felt like the staff was concerned for me as a person, not just another client. If I could give BodyWise ten stars I would!!”

Peggy M.

“I had my first-ever Bowen treatment this evening. The therapy had been recommended to me a few years back, but I couldn’t find a local practitioner. Then my path crossed with BodyWise Physical Therapy, off Broken Land Pkwy in Columbia. Arianna, the key gal there, offers Bowen. So, I scheduled an appointment.

Now, for as much as I’m an adept researcher, I often don’t research things before I experience them. (I once went to Namibia for three weeks and did nary a bit of research before going.) I discovered that Bowen is simple and small muscle rotations with gaps of several minutes where the practitioner leaves the room while the practitionee’s body recalibrates to the new experiences. Doesn’t sound terribly impressive, but I’m a fan of the concept that small changes can make big differences, so I was game.

I loved it.

It was so gentle. So simple. And deeply, deeply relaxing. I found myself feeling unexpectedly peaceful and happy, not a buoyant and jumpy happy, but a calm and easy happy. And I feel good.

Arianna, the biz owner and Bowen practitioner, is also very pretty. She has a prettiness that is inside-outside-and-both. Looking at her face and eyes, watching how she moves, experiencing the space she’s created for her business, there’s an authenticity which runs from who she is to what she does to how she does and why she does it.

If you’re in the DC-Balt-VA area and are looking for a Bowen practitioner, I recommend Bodywise Physical Therapy in Columbia, Md.”

Jessie N. – Hometown Columbia Blog & HoCoBlogs

“My left shoulder had limited range of motion after I fell while skiing. I was unable to do simple everyday activities that required me to extend my left arm in a backwards or overhead motion.
Dr Sydney recommended acupuncture. A little skeptical, I agreed. I now have range of motion with my left arm and shoulder.
Activities that were more painful, like hooking my seat belt, are now done without even thinking. Thanks Dr Sydney and thanks BodyWise Physical Therapy!!”

Chris S.

“My neck started hurting in September, but only slightly. As the year went on it got worse and the pain went into my shoulder. I had much lifting and moving to do and then gardening. It got so bad that the pain began early in the AM with any exertion. I had a Bowen treatment by Arianna on April 26th; I was able to rest for a few days and since the 2nd day, I have been pain free!!”

Mary R.

“I suffer from chronic kidney disease which can leave me feeling profoundly fatigued. My acupuncture treatments alleviate the fatigue and enable me to function normally. I didn’t realize how much the acupuncture was helping until I missed a week due to the February ’10 blizzard. By the time my appointment the following week, I was exhausted. I am continuing weekly acupuncture treatments as I wait for a kidney transplant. Without the acupuncture, I would probably be on dialysis by now.
Thank you Arianna!!”

Alexander C.

“When I first came to BodyWise I could not walk up and down stairs without feeling pain. I had swollen feet, ankles, and legs. After treatment, I was able to go up and down the stairs of my home without pain. I lost the swelling in my feet, ankles and legs. I felt great relief from all my fibromyalgia symptoms. It was truly amazing!”

CB, Laurel, MD

“I missed my PT for two weeks because of snow, but was pleased that I was without hip pain until the day before my next session. I used to go to bed and immediately feel pain in my right S/I joint and hip, so I am pleasantly surprised that the pain has diminished with PT and exercise, I totally forgot about the pain.”

Beth B.

“My overall condition of my shoulder has improved greatly. I had an overall pain scale when I started as a high 7 to a now 0 to 2 at most. My arm strength has improved greatly since my treatment has started three weeks ago. The staff at BodyWise is outstanding and is willing to work with you to make your treatment here more satisfying. I would recommend BodyWise to anyone.”

Paul B.

“After receiving acupuncture for the first time, I noticed I was immediately able to discontinue the Flonase I had been using for the previous eighteen months. While my chronic sinusitis is still in the healing stage, a day without Flonase would have prevented any airflow through my sinuses. And after 4 sessions my sense of taste is slowly reappearing. I can unquestionably verify that acupuncture has eased my chronic sinusitis.”

Chris B.

“After a car accident that left me with neck and shoulder pain, I came to BodyWise to see Karen for PT. She was wonderful! I am now pain free with no further problems with range of motion. Karen, Ani, and Meneka were delightful. They made coming to therapy a fun experience as well as a healing one! “

Anne Marie C.

“I came to BodyWise with neuropathy and SI joint problems. I had been unable to sleep at night without taking medication. But I’ve found that coming for PT and Bowen, I haven’t needed to take anything at night. I am already feeling better after only a few weeks of treatment and look forward to a time when I am comfortable all the time!”

BB, Silver Spring, MD

“At the start of therapy I had weakness and tingling in my right hand, upper back and shoulder. After several visits these symptoms are gone. I have had a great experience with PT and will continue my exercises at home.”

IH, Columbia, MD

“I am truly grateful that I was referred to BodyWise. I came in to the office in a tremendous amount of pain from a lower back injury from an auto accident. Before my visit to BodyWise, it was difficult for me to walk or even wear shoes.
Arianna took her time and listened to what I had to say and not just my symptoms. I feel like a brand new person now, but I am also blessed to have met Arianna and her staff. I will continue to come back to BodyWise for any need that I may have in the future.
THANK YOU BodyWise!!”

Chastity D.

“I injured my ankle in the beginning of 2009 and was in pretty severe pain when walking and doing most daily activities. I stayed off of my feet (no exercise, no running) for at least 4-10 weeks to try to allow my body to heal itself. After no results, I went to BodyWise Physical Therapy. While working on my injury for several weeks with the BodyWise staff, I started to notice significant improvement in my range of motion and in my daily pain levels.
I am now very happy to report a near full recovery from my injury. I am now able to walk and go about my daily routine without pain. I’m almost not aware that my ankle was injured. I’m also back to running 2 – 2.5 miles 3-5 times per week. This has made a huge impact on my quality of life. I love running and to be back into running 8 – 14 miles per week is wonderful!
I went to BodyWise approximately 8 weeks and had excellent results. I was also given the knowledge to continue with my strength training exercises at home to prevent further injuries from occurring.”

Mitch E.

“Prior to coming to BodyWise, I couldn’t sit for more than 20 – 30 minutes. I couldn’t even sit on the floor or on any of the chairs or sofas in our home to enjoy activities with my son because of severe pain. I was unable to sleep without propping my head to the left or right without pain. I was on heavy prescription narcotic medicine around the clock. Simple computer tasks at work were close to impossible. The pain would immediately flare up in my neck. My lower back also became painful. Simply put, my quality of life had deteriorated over the two-year period to such a point that productive work, family events, socializing at home; feeling happy and energetic was nonexistent.
Two months later, since coming to BodyWise, I am virtually pain free. I see Arianna a couple of times a month for acupuncture treatment as maintenance to enhance some relaxation and postural techniques she has been teaching me all along. Arianna never gave up on me, and for this, I am forever grateful to her and her staff! Her calming personality is also a big plus! Thank you!”

Tracey F.

“Before I started physical therapy, I had severe pain in my upper back (in between my shoulder blades), in my shoulders, and in my neck. It caused me to have headaches every day, and nothing seemed to relieve my muscles – ice, heat, yoga and stretching, or Ibuprofen.
Now, a few weeks later, I barely notice any pain (just a little tightness sometimes), and I even just started at a new stressful job.”

Rachel S.

“I have had chronic low back pain for several years which I’ve learned to “tolerate”. Recently it became somewhat worse due to increased physical activity and stress. The Bowen therapy has provided me significant and amazing relief of the pain.”

Connie G.

“Physical therapy was a good experience for me. I’ve had physical therapy sessions at several offices of the last decade and this last 12 sessions has done the most for me overall and especially for my hips and lower back. I also have greatly appreciated having my own exercise flow sheet for home use, in doing strengthening and stretching exercises in between appointments.
Getting hands-on manipulation and shiatsu has been extremely helpful also.”

Edy H.

“When I first came into BodyWise, I was standing at a 45° due to constant back pain. Today, I am relatively pain free and was able to shovel snow for 6 consecutive days and not have any pain or the need to use pain medication in order to accomplish a task.
After years of X-rays, MRIs, medications, cortisone shots, and other PT workouts, BodyWise has found the right combination to relieve my pain and keep me pain free.
Thank you BodyWise!!”

Marc K.

“When I first came to BodyWise, I was suffering with severe low back pain. I could not bend to my left, nor could I lift my left leg without pain, in any direction.
As of yesterday, not only are all of my pains gone, but I did 2 cartwheels yesterday to my surprise! I feel so good now!
Thanks so much to BodyWise
Love you guys!”

Sandy K.

“BodyWise has given me my arm back!!
I was unable to lift my arm above my head for weeks after surgery and with Karen and her staff’s help, I can now raise my arm over head and reach up like before my injury. I am bowling, running and biking again.
Thank you BodyWise!”

Donna M.

“The range of flexibility in my toe, as well as my foot, has improved immensely over the last six weeks. Through commitment and excellent coaching, I have reduced the pain in my foot significantly and learned the key role my toes play in balance and posture. I’ve been given a good routine that I have incorporated into my daily habits.
Best of all, I have signed up for the ballroom dancing I have wanted without fear of injuring my toe or foot!”

Marcia W.

“When first visiting BodyWise, it was at the recommendation of a close friend and prior patient of BodyWise. It was BodyWise and Arianna who were first to identify the source of my chronic back pain. They referred me to the spine specialist who was finally able to diagnose my condition and sent me back to BodyWise for physical therapy. During the months I was in therapy, going to BodyWise became the highlight of my week. The genuine compassion and the level of support from the therapists and staff were incredible.
They worked with me to achieve my goals of strengthening my back and improving my flexibility. With their help, I have returned to a “normal” life with the added benefits of knowing the source of my pain and the ability to improve my condition.
Thank You, BodyWise!!
(I’ll never go anywhere else for physical therapy) 🙂 “

Haley B.

“My back and leg pain has been a problem for years and I am pleased that the therapy and acupuncture have given me a lot of pain relief. Also, the more recent problem with severe pain in my big toe and lower leg (tendon) is responding to treatment as well. The holistic approach of Bowen therapy, regular PT and acupuncture is really making a difference.”

Barbara K.

I have experienced great improvements in my overall health in the past year. I am certain the Bodywise and its owner/practitioner Arianna Berkowitz are integrally responsible for that improvement.
I have a host of physical challenges, including Type I diabetes; bone-on-bone arthritis in my left shoulder; a semi-herniated disc; ribs and a clavicle that have been broken (and they never heal completely) and a torn meniscus in each knee.
Arianna and Bodywise use a broad array of modalities, including acupuncture, Bowen Technique, cranial-sacral therapy and the most effective physical therapy I have ever experienced.

Michael B.


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