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Bowen Therapy

Bowenwork is a gentle manual therapy technique created by the Australian osteopathic practitioner, Thomas Bowen. In this technique, the practitioner moves his/her thumbs or fingers over specific muscles, tendons, and soft tissue in a particular sequence and direction, which stimulates the body to reset and heal itself. The Bowen technique is not massage or acupressure. It is a unique form of bodywork which is distinguished by rolling and bending movement of the muscles and by the insertion of pauses between the sets of moves generated by the practitioner. These pauses (generally between 2-5 minutes in length) are crucial to the success of the treatment in that they provide time for the muscles and nerves to respond to the signal given by the practitioner and to self correct the imbalance. This has a deeply relaxing effect on the body and can provide long lasting relief from most neuromuscular pain, spasm and stiffness. Many people see improvements within 2-4 treatments. A typical Bowen session may last between 45 minutes to an hour.


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