Vicki Seibert Has Earned the Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist Certification (OCS)!!

Vicki Seibert, MS, PT, OCS

Physical Therapist


3Orthopedic Clinical Specialists are recognized by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties as individuals whose clinical specialization in orthopedic physical therapy demonstrates knowledge, skill and experience exceeding that of an entry level physical therapist. The specialist certification program was established to provide formal recognition for physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in this special area of practice and to assist consumers and the health care community in identifying these physical therapists.

The credentials of Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) are designated to those individuals who have successfully become board certified clinical specialists in the areas of orthopedics. At a minimum, therapists who receive this clinical distinction have completed 2,000 hours of direct patient care in the area of orthopedics and have successfully completed a rigorous written examination.

We are all very proud of Vicki for this great accomplishment!

More information about Vicki and the rest of our fantastic therapists can be found here


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